‘Soon-to-be Ghost Towns’

Your bags are packed. Every item on your to-do list is crossed out. How do you kill the time until the flight? Your book and computer are tucked away in perfect backpack compartments and you don’t dare disturb them.

Would it be possible to do nothing? To sit still in one place,  to listen to music in the foreground for once, to single-task. You might consider listening to “The Lonesome Crowded West” by Modest Mouse. It isn’t a cheerful album, but complex enough to hold your attention. Maybe some distortion will help you process all of your feelings about this upcoming trip. Where are you going?

Nobody likes a long layover and your travels haven’t even begun. Your stomach twitches in anticipation of the ups and downs–a series of connected flights, stuffy airplane cabin air, strained conversations with strangers . . . too close for comfort, waging silent wars over minuscule amounts of elbow room. Will it be worth it, just to get there and to come back home?



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