Sara Duff lives and works and writes in Tucson, Arizona. Before this, she did those things in St. Louis, Missouri, for ten years. She received her MFA in Fiction from Washington University in 2017. 

In 2020, her work will appear in The Portland Review, in EchoVerse, and in The Fairy Tale Review’s Coral Issue. There is also a little bit below.





The Time Comes

The tiger, the camel, and the human child all went together in a canoe. When they got to the woods, they pulled the canoe onto the bank and left it there. The three of them walked together. When the woods grew thick, and the light got dim, and the child grew weary, he realized– this was the time! The time had come for the child to say what he had been told to say, and the way he said it was this:

“Okay, now it’s time for us to like, merge into one person!”

And the camel knelt onto two front legs, and the tiger leapt into the air, and devoured them both.




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